Ask Jude’

JudeChicHairHere you can feel free to ask me questions about the things I post or questions you have about relationships.

In Love,







2 thoughts on “Ask Jude’

  1. I’d first figure out if I value the relationship enough to want to reconnect at all. The response from that question could lead you to the next steps concerning that relationship. If you value the relationship in any way, then you’d need to think about what it would take on both ends to begin repairing it and if you no longer see value in the relationship think about letting it go. Of course it can trickier if there are other factors like children involved, then you’d need to see how you can let the intimate {Close} relationship go between the two of you. And recreate a relationship that is pleasant for you two and the child.

    I hope this helps
    In Love,

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