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If you’d like to contribute to this blog contact me here: I reserve the right to accept or decline your contribution at any time if the content does not represent this brand.

Thank you to all those who help bring wonderful, exciting, inspiring, and informative stories each day. I appreciate you!



In Love,


One thought on “Chic Contributors

  1. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. Christ gave His life up for her. We as men are to not only be willing to give up our lives as we know it, but also give up our lives and serve. Christ never stops loving us. His love is unconditional, intentional, and purposeful. This is the love that a husband is to show his wife day in and day out. To be a husband is to be a true servant, protector (in spirit, soul, and body). We are to protect spiritually by interceding through prayer, strengthening her faith by being her pastor, and by walking in the fruits of the spirit. We are to protect her soul by recognizing her love languages and intentionally loving her by giving her what she desires most. We are to protect her body by respecting her. Not forcing her into relations before marriage. Upon marriage, we are to please her and not be so concerned about our own pleasure. If your wife wants her feet rubbed, rub them. If she wants to have a massage, massage her until your hands cramp. Let them rest and start again. If she wants you to sing to her, sing. We also protect by being watchful in the spirit and with our wisdom. Wisdom comes directly from The Word.

    Genesis 2:22 “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” This is my take on dating. I don’t like it. Do we really need to date in order to know if we are dating our rib or not? Something that is made from us and for us should be recognizable with the help of God, right? This is why I will no longer date casually. My heart is already in love with my rib. We must be sober and vigilant to be able to recognize when she comes. Then we shall serve together and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We say “yes” to God and one another forever. Nothing else matters.

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