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Texas Southern University senior and budding pr & image consultant Jude’ Ivy, 27, is having her online entrepreneurial debut Dec.8th.

 Ivy will be opening Chic Life, a clothing store (, and Chic Hair an online hair boutique  ( . 

Ivy also recently partnered with power house online accessory store KitsyLane to open ChicIvy (

” I’m just a girl with dreams of helping people and owning businesses! ” she says.

Ivy says that she hopes to be successful in her own right and hopes to empower other young women to do the same no matter their past or present situations.

” I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and recently  I have lived off and on with friends and family members. But I believe these unfortunate events set me up for something greater; and I intend to find out what it is!” Ivy said. 

 To keep up with what she’s doing you can follow her on Twitter [ judeivy, and chichair1] or you can connect with her on Facebook [ ChicIvyPR, prladies] . 


What is “Speak”?

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Speak is a short documentary film produced, written, directed, and promoted by students of Texas Southern University school of communication.  This is a redemptive documentary that explores the lives of two young women who were sexually abused during their childhood. This film was first introduced to some students and faculty a year ago during the school’s annual “Communications Week”; the film was a hit.

Faculty and students alike, gave rave reviews about the transparency, courage, and strength of the films two main characters Kentra Gilbert 25, and Jude’ Ivy 26, and the necessity of the film. ” It was as if people were saying FINALLY, somebody is saying something about it.” said a student who wished to have his identity concealed.

The film touches on an all too familiar taboo, sexual abuse. The story gives details about the two ladies sexual abuse experiences with someone they both knew. Since the films first screening, the director and producer Stephanie Madrid, 22, and Krishunda Goodman 35, entered it into local and foreign film festivals. The short documentary garnered a REMI award,  the highest award of it’s category in the Houston World-Fest International Film Festival in 2011. It was also an official selection in the Mid-Atlantic Film Festival (2011). It is an official selection in  the Annual 20th African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York City (2012) and most recently the Hayti Heritage Center Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina (2012).

We are so proud of our fellow Texas Southern Tigers and wish them all the best in their efforts to speak out against sexual abuse.

If you or anyone you know has been or is being sexually abused please call The RAINN Hotline 1.800.656.-H.O.P.E.


Young And Married Life TV: “An Answered Prayer”

**Disclaimer** Some views expressed in this video, do not reflect YMCL’s . **

I briefly interview my parents on their love story. This was hard lol my father is very long winded my mom is too but she knows how to reel it in!! So this was our second take and we got it!

I hope you get something out of it!
In Love,

Friendship, Love, & Basketball!

YMCL: What’s your story?
Quetta: Nick and I used to play basketball together we were just friends. I started to grow feelings for him and I knew he had feelings for me. I was dying for him to ask me out and it never happened. One day in class I decided to write him a letter that read “are you going to ask me out?”. Now before you judge me let me say, I did such thing because Nick was very very very shy. Anyways after school Nick came to my house to play basketball since I had a basketball goal. I gave him the letter I wrote earlier at school and he read it right in front of me. After he read the letter, he didn’t ask me out can you believe it?!! But he was blushing. So I took it upon myself and asked him and he said yes! I was brave  because I really liked him and I knew he felt the same way! We will never forget September 26, 2002. 

 YMCL: When did you “just know”?:

Quetta: Nick and I were dating for four long years and I personally knew I wanted him to be my husband. At that time we were best friends even though we were dating. I felt so comfortable with him that I didn’t want to be with anyone else but him. 
YMCL: How did he propose?!! 

Quetta: I drove Nick to the flea market off of 45 one day. He got out and  I stayed in the car, about 30 minutes later Nick came back. He got in the car and  I was getting ready to drive off but he told me to stop. He took my left hand and asked me “would I marry him?” .  First of all, I didn’t believe him because we both play way too much, I mean we’re  goofy what can I say?! I knew we had talked about it but I still didn’t take him seriously. Nick had a ring in a black box and he opened it and asked again “will you marry me?” I responded YEEEEEESSSSSSS!  I was so excited, he slid the ring on my finger and I couldn’t believe it! I remember it like it was yesterday. The ring wasn’t fancy nor expensive, but I loved it because it came from my best friend and the love of my life.  

YMCL: How is married life?

Quetta: Nick and I planned our wedding in two months, and a big wedding at that. I couldn’t wait to be his wife so we made it happen. Marriage now is awesome and I wouldn’t change it for anything not even our hard times together. Our hard times have made our marriage stronger and made us realize that we cannot live without one another. Marriage now is peaches and cream, we communicate more, we appreciate each other more and so on. I have married my best friend and a very good man. I have the best of both worlds and I love my marriage. 


YMCL: What do you wish you knew about marriage before taking that step?

Quetta: Honestly Nick and I took a marriage seminar before we got married. So we were aware of a lot of things, now what I can say is, when you’re actually in it, It feels totally different than reading about it in a booklet lol. 

YMCL: What advice would you give readers considering marriage?
Quetta:  Advice I can give to young couples that are married or engaged to be married is to understand you will face rocky times, especially the first two years. I’d gotten married at 21 years old and that’s young, very young. That’s the age most want to go Paaartay! But I decided not to because I knew there was no one else for me but Nick. 
Keep your business to yourself and do not let people in who are looking from the outside. ALWAYS keep THE MOST HIGH as number ONE. Some might say it’s old fashion but I submit to my husband and I am my husband’s helper. He literally treats me the way he treats his self- with LOVE! There will be some doubtful times but remember you did  not make a mistake. You will go through somethings that will make you realize your marriage is all you need. I can’t believe that I am still married through the trials and tribulations we’ve gone through. I promise you I don’t regret my marriage nor the love I have for my husband. Keep your head up high because everything will get better. It takes two to communicate, to have passion, to love and most of all put THE MOST HIGH first and I promise you will not FAIL! :). Nick and I have been married for 6 years and together 11; I wouldn’t take one moment away. When I tell you that marriage is BEAUTIFUL, I mean it!

Welcome To Young Married & Chic Life!!!


 Good Morning Lovers!   

I call you lovers because that’s what we are in my opinion, we all love someone or something ;).

I just want to take a moment to welcome you to YMCL!! I’m so excited to share stories about young couples and their love. I am not yet married but it’s a desire of mine 🙂 however, I’m still very passionate about building love and relationships.
 I hope that will permeate through the stories I share with you all.

I’m a talker, so I’m going to wrap it up here but for any couples who’d like to be featured on YMCL  check out the Contact page !  

In Love,