Pain Educates


How many times did it take for you to touch something hot before you realized it hurt?

For many of us when it comes to matters of the heart we have to get burned over and over before we realize the importance of being honest and taking our time.

Being honest with yourself as to what you expect from another heart,  what you are willing to do for someone’s heart and what you are willing to put up with from a heart.

As well as being comfortable with the time it may take to learn yourself and  learning another person.

Pain often comes as a shock;  and sometimes we wonder why did we have to experience it? We try our best to avoid it, and we tend to want it to go away as soon as possible.

I’m writing today to merely encourage us to allow ourselves to feel “the pain”, I mean truly feel it and then learn something from it. Learn something that will aid in positive progression as opposed to teaching ourselves not to feel, and therefore no longer allowing ourselves to feel for others.

Instead work to understand that pain and use it as reason to try not to ever cause that pain on anyone else.

In Love,

Jude’                           Encouragement